Good Artists Make “Bad Art” – To learn we first need to get it wrong

I would like to give you all permission to make “bad art” Please do not be offended by this as I mean it in a positive and supportive way.  Let me explain.  If you are anything like me, you are creative and love to create art but give yourself some impossible tasks.  If you are anything like me, you will have a tendency to be your worst critic and place a lot of pressure on yourself.

I have recently been liberated and was given permission to create bad art, and the person to give me this permission was, guess who?…………….Me.  You see the truth is we are, more often than not, the person keeping us back from moving forward, from getting better.  How is that possible? I hear you ask.  Well, we can only learn and move forward in any skill by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, trying something new and to do this we need to be prepared to “get it wrong” first.

If this is something you can relate to, I invite you to read on let me show you what I mean.

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My Number 1 tip for artist block that people rarely mention or think about.

I was talking with Shumaker Art on her video comments the other day, about her top tips that helped her overcome artist block. Amazing artist by the way, check her out on YouTube.  All creatives experience creative blocks, not just artists.  There were good tips mentioned such as going to the beach to become inspired. She also mentioned taking care of yourself with exercise and eating well etc. I messaged her with my thoughts, explaining that I saw our creativity a little like a car that needs fuel to run.  If we do not have creative fuel then we will run out of ideas, until we refuel.  I was very impressed she mentioned eating well within her tips. However, I also think that, without good nutrition all the other tips will not work as well as they could.  I think it is a little more important than people give it credit for, therefore, my number 1 tip is eat good nutritional food. Read on if you would like to know why? Continue reading “My Number 1 tip for artist block that people rarely mention or think about.”

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – an artists review

I was recently recommended Big Magic – Creative Living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, as a book every creative person should read.  It is not a new book but I had not read it.  Being a creative person I thought it would be good to nourish my creativity so bought it for my kindle.  I like to read, whenever I make time to.  I was not disappointed and it was very easy to make time to read this book.  Here is why.

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