How does creativity make life better? A mental health nurse and artist view.


I am sure if you google this question you will find a very large list of answers.  You may have even found this blog post because that is exactly what you have done already.  As a mental health nurse I have considered this question many times so I can work better with those who need my help.  As an artist I have wondered how to make better use of my artistic talents rather than keep them to myself as just a hobby.


There is no one answer to how creativity can help you get a better life.  It all comes down to what you, the individual considers a better life.  Here are my top 3 interesting reasons creativity helps us.  There are so many it was not easy to narrow it down to just 3.  I would like to hear from you in the comments if you have any thoughts on my choices or if you have any more to add you think are important.  What is the one thing you would like to change to make a better life for yourself?

As a nurse it is instilled in us that something has to be “evidenced based” and so my top 3 reasons are all evidenced based.  I have added one link to related articles in each reason to help show some evidence.  However, there are loads of other articles available if you want to do your own research. I would also like to share with you a personal story at the end, which demonstrates how it can work in real life. Continue reading “How does creativity make life better? A mental health nurse and artist view.”