Lollipop box club subscription unboxing and review

Hello and welcome to this exciting opening of the October box from the Lollipop box club, a UK based business.  There is also a video available for you to watch at the end of this article, where I unbox every item in real time and you can hear my genuine first time reaction.  This blog post will give you a little bit closer photographs of some of the items, not available in my video, as well as a review of some of items I have used.  Does this sound of interest to you? you would like to learn more? then I invite you to read on 🙂

I first heard about the lollipop box club when I was reading one of my favourite creative magazines, Mollie Makes.  There was an advertisement feature called you’ve got mail.  It was advertising several creative type subscription boxes.  I of course googled all the subscription boxes to learn more about them and which one I wanted to try.  It was a choice between two and the lollipop box club and boxcitement.

It was pretty much a coin toss as to which one I would try first.  In fact I am still  considering subscribing for boxcitement now for 3 months as there is a 20% off code in Mollie Makes issue 85.  Just as full disclosure, I am not sponsored or associated to any of the companies I mention.  These are my own personal thoughts, please do your own research and make your own decision. You may decide to buy the magazine and look at all the rest of the subscription boxes advertised :), or not the choice is yours.  Of course you may not be in the UK so that may bring up a different set of challenges, such as availability internationally.  The good news is, with lollipop box club free delivery is provided for the UK but according to their website delivery costs £5.50 for everywhere else.

Moving on, the box itself is, what is called, a mail friendly box and can be delivered through your letter box, so you do not have to be in to receive it like you do a parcel.  I have previously had a subscription with scrawlrbox  (which I also enjoyed) I just decided to have a change, I cannot purchase all the subscription boxes I fancy each month (oh if only lol) apart from anything else I would not have anywhere to store all the goodies that arrived lol  The scrawlrbox was more art supplies, where as the lollipop box club is more focused on craft stationery and accessories suitable for use in planners and creative journals.

The supplies can also be used to embellish other arts and craft projects such as greetings cards.   I confess, although I do like to use a planner, my next years hobonichi is pictured in the featured in the photo above and below, I rarely decorate it, despite being a very creative.  I see my planner as a practical item rather than something to decorate.   However, as an artist who enjoys creative journaling this box of lovely goodies will not go to waste.  I believe, there is something to suit any creative person in this subscription box.  Below is a close up of some of the accessories that comes in the box.  I do love the pumpkin charm.

Lastly, I would just like to point out my experience with the owner/company.  Payment was secure and went through without problems.  I contacted Lisa with a question and she answered promptly.  I have also commented on her instagram account @lollipopboxclub and she acknowledge my comment and responded.  It has been a pleasant experience so far dealing with   You will see in my unboxing video below that the box comes well packaged and presented.  It was a joy to open and I have already completed one creative journal page and an idea for another is brewing in my head.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and seeing the more close up and personal photographs of the contents.  I have not itemised the full box or included every single item in my photographs.  I simply wanted to give you a decent insight into the contents of this subscription box.  If you have an alternative favourite creative subscription box why don’t you comment below so my readers can have a choice of boxes to potentially try.  After all if we cannot help each other out who can we help? Enjoy the video, take care speak soon TTFN T x