Art giveaway **has closed** ( acrylic painting of a fairy) and exciting news from Tartantaz Creates

**giveaway has ended** Well, Hello September 1st ūüôā I am in such a good mood today, I want to shout from the roof top and dance.

Today I am inviting you to join me in my celebration. I am celebrating a couple of things and thought you might like to share in some of my good sparkles today. In fact I am so excited I am going to be giving away the Fairy Painting entitled “A glimmer of Hope” as featured on this post. ¬†She is also the first painting for the 29 faces challenge starting today as hosted by Ayala Art. ¬†So quick read on to find out why as well as how you can be in with a chance to receive this original painting before I change my mind lol

So let’s start with my first celebration. My YouTube channel Tartantaz Creates now has over 400 subscribers. This might not seem a lot of people compared to many of my favourite creative YouTubers but it is 400 more people than I ever thought was even possible when I started out with no subscribers lol I am very grateful for all those who have subscribed to my channel to date. I am even more grateful for all the viewers who have taken the time to watch my videos. Time is a precious commodity, so for someone to spend that time watching my videos is very special to me, so to all those out there who watch Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart.

My channel now has a great selection of art and inspirational videos, that I try to upload at least once a week. ¬†From a couple of “how to” videos to timelapses and inspirational vlog style videos. I have just recently started an Art Meditation series Meditation Monday. So if you fancy the idea of mediation but really don’t like the idea of closing your eyes and doing guided meditation this might be the video series for you. If you have not seen my channel and would like to, fear not, I have added a video below of how I painted “A glimmer of Hope”

If you have watched the video above you will now also know what my second reason for celebration is and how to be in with a chance to win “A glimmer of Hope”. I opened an etsy shop yesterday. Already I have gone from being completely invisible to having 14 visitors to my shop. That might not seem like a lot but it is 14 more than the 0, totally invisible, yesterday to having been seen by a handful of people today. It is true what is said, every little does help. Everyone has to start somewhere. To me that small step is, something to be grateful for, a good step forward to have any visitors at all. Thank you to all those who visited my shop and a thank you in advance to all those who will visit in the future. I hope you see something you like.

If you have not yet watched the video you will be wondering what to do to be in with a chance of receiving the original signed painting “A glimmer of Hope” It is simple, pop over to the video on YouTube and while you are watching me paint type a comment below the video stating why you would like to receive the painting. It is that simple. ¬†I would ask one favour. ¬†I would love to increase my visitor numbers to my etsy shop, I will not deny it. ¬†So could you share with everyone this link to my shop ¬†I would be most grateful if you could help me increase my chances of getting my first sale. ¬†Thank you in advance. ¬† ¬†This fantastic opportunity to get an original signed acrylic painting will be open to everyone until 29th September 2017, I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to get this sparkly painting. ¬†I will reveal who will receive the painting on Sunday 1st October. So come back on 1st October to find out if you are the lucky person getting the painting or alternatively you can subscribe to my channel and click the bell to receive notification of my new videos as they become available so you wont miss out on the announcement video. If you are impatient and would like to purchase one of my prints today just click on this link¬†, it will take you to my shop page on my website. ¬†Clicking on the item you want it will take you to my etsy shop, where you can purchase your print securely.

Thank you for your time today.  I hope to see you all again soon.  If you have any, thoughts comments or questions please comment below.  Take care speak soon bye for now T x