Good Artists Make “Bad Art” – To learn we first need to get it wrong

I would like to give you all permission to make “bad art” Please do not be offended by this as I mean it in a positive and supportive way.  Let me explain.  If you are anything like me, you are creative and love to create art but give yourself some impossible tasks.  If you are anything like me, you will have a tendency to be your worst critic and place a lot of pressure on yourself.

I have recently been liberated and was given permission to create bad art, and the person to give me this permission was, guess who?…………….Me.  You see the truth is we are, more often than not, the person keeping us back from moving forward, from getting better.  How is that possible? I hear you ask.  Well, we can only learn and move forward in any skill by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, trying something new and to do this we need to be prepared to “get it wrong” first.

If this is something you can relate to, I invite you to read on let me show you what I mean.

I consider myself an artist, I even consider myself a good artist, when I am not being too hard on myself lol I am here to tell you good artists are allowed to make “bad art” I’m about to share some bad art with you to prove my point.

Above to the left is my very first watercolour painting of a face, ever.  This did not meet my expectations. I had done what I considered better mixed media faces (one on the right with the blue hair, inspired byTamara laport of willowing art) with acrylics and neocolors II.  If I had decided I cannot paint with watercolour at this point I would not have gone on to paint some of my favourite portraits including one I did for a friend as a Christmas present, only a year after starting to learn how to paint with watercolour.  A big difference eh? but I am not finished yet.  There is more that might surprise you.

Even after I have produced this pretty cool portrait, I have gone on to make bad art see below.

Above and below was my attempt at trying out a new way of working with watercolours and trying to incorporate some drips that I have admired in others work.

This was my way to try out a looser freer way of working rather than the detailed work I had gotten reasonably good at previously.  I am still working out the kinks but that is okay, I am allowed to create “bad art”

So you see although I am a good artist I can still produce “bad art” I am not really a beginner artist anymore, I have moved on from the “beginner” stage, and yet, I can still make “bad art” What if I told you it was a necessary step to be able to grow as an artist, no matter what stage you are at?  How would you feel about making “bad art” now?  What if I also told you that “good art” gets negative comments and haters too? So is making and showing what you might consider “bad art” as awful now?  One last surprising fact, I have shown what I consider to be “bad art” and received praise and likes for it, go figure.  So that brings up the question who says art is bad anyway? which I think would make another good blog post so I will save that conversation for another day.  I hope you come back for that chat.

What has your experience been with what might be considered “bad art”? share with me in the comments.  Lets open up this conversation and share with fellow creatives.  You might be surprised to find you are Not Alone.

I would really like to encourage everyone to be proud of all their art, including what you considered “bad art” I took part in a facebook live –  lets make “bad art” together session.  You can find the video here on my facebook page.  There are two videos as I got an important call in the middle of the first one lol typical, oh well such is life.

There is another artist on instagram (yes I am also on instagram lol @tartantaz) called Amanda, you can find her on instagram .  I just discovered her myself.  Amanda has started a campaign called #makebadart she wants to show social media that everyone makes bad art so use the hashtag and tag her on instagram.  Her hope is to encourage you to be proud of what you consider “bad art”  I like her thinking, so I thought it was worth sharing her message with you all.

Alternatively would you like a safe space to share your creative work? Would you like to learn to be creative? come join my Creative Tartanite Tribe on facebook.   My mission is to provide a safe and non judgemental space for creatives to share their creative journey.

Other news, watch out for my new series coming soon on my YouTube channel  Tartantaz Creates on this very subject.

Thank you for stopping by I hope to chat with you all again very soon.  Bye for now T x