My Number 1 tip for artist block that people rarely mention or think about.

I was talking with Shumaker Art on her video comments the other day, about her top tips that helped her overcome artist block. Amazing artist by the way, check her out on YouTube.  All creatives experience creative blocks, not just artists.  There were good tips mentioned such as going to the beach to become inspired. She also mentioned taking care of yourself with exercise and eating well etc. I messaged her with my thoughts, explaining that I saw our creativity a little like a car that needs fuel to run.  If we do not have creative fuel then we will run out of ideas, until we refuel.  I was very impressed she mentioned eating well within her tips. However, I also think that, without good nutrition all the other tips will not work as well as they could.  I think it is a little more important than people give it credit for, therefore, my number 1 tip is eat good nutritional food. Read on if you would like to know why?

Good nutrition is for me the Number 1 thing that everyone needs to have to function as well as they can, not just for being creative.  It is the fuel for our bodies to function.  Much like our imaginations need fueling, we also need to fuel our body so it can do the physical part of thinking as well as being physically able to participate in life.  Have you ever noticed that when you are not eating as well as you could be, you feel more tired and just cannot be bothered to make an effort sometimes? Perhaps you are more likely to want to stay in and sit on the couch watching television? I know I can get a bit like that.  I lose that luster for life when I am not eating as well.

Did you know that good nutrition is essential for good gut health, and that good gut health is essential for the production of our feel good hormone seritonin? 70% of our seritonin production occurs in our gut.  More and more research is linking good nutrition to good mental wellbeing.  If our mental wellbeing is not good how do we expect our imagination to be good? It is simple logic, we cannot be imaginative without our ability to think/concentrate, and our ability to think/concentrate can be compromised when we do not eat healthily.  Do you see what I mean?

So the next time you feel you have a creative block, ask yourself “am I fueling my imagination? whether that be through reading a good book or a going out and about or enjoying a friends company.  If the answer is you are not fueling your imagination by experiencing life. Then ask yourself ” is my mood a bit flat, am I having feelings of can’t be bothered more often, and ask yourself, “what have I been eating of late?” I think you will be surprised what you discover about your eating habits.

Once you know the answers you can figure out what your next action should be.  If you are eating well, then great, it is probably that you are not experiencing life so simply need to refuel your imagination.  If you find you are not eating well, start to eat better nutritional food, this will increase your mood and your motivation to experience life and refuel your imagination.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have found this article useful.  Let me know in the comments what you think.   Would you be interested in tips on how to eat better to help you with your creativity? Let me know below.  Do you have any healthy eating tips, leave a comment, I am sure my readers would appreciate the extra tips.

2 Replies to “My Number 1 tip for artist block that people rarely mention or think about.”

  1. Great advice, Tania!

    Good nutrition, exercise and time to just *be* is so important and I’m sure taking a step back, concentrating on things away from art is a huge help with overcoming a block.

    Good to meet you via Roisin’s group, such a supportive, warm atmosphere. I’m so glad that I found it.

    Cindie x

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a message 🙂 Yes the group has is very supportive, which is important as an artist. We do have a tendency to spend a lot of time on our own when we paint lol. I look forward to getting to know you better in group for sure 🙂 T x

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