Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – an artists review

I was recently recommended Big Magic – Creative Living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, as a book every creative person should read.  It is not a new book but I had not read it.  Being a creative person I thought it would be good to nourish my creativity so bought it for my kindle.  I like to read, whenever I make time to.  I was not disappointed and it was very easy to make time to read this book.  Here is why.

This is the first book of Elizabeth Gilbert’s I have read.  I knew she had also written Eat Pray Love but I have not read it, I have only seen the film.  Reading a book, of course, is a whole different experience.  In fact as a side note, now I have read and enjoyed big magic I quite fancy reading other books by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What I enjoyed about this book, is Elizabeth’s fun and creative way of explaining how we receive creative ideas, as well as how we should follow them up.  But regardless of whether or not you believe her take on creativity, what she says and how she says it makes a lot of sense.  Her writing style is simple and easy to read.  For me it read like she was a friendly person chatting to me.  And after reading her book, I have to say I would love to meet her.  It would be interesting to see if we could become friends.  She certainly sounds like my kind of creative person.

Throughout the book it is evident that as a creative person Elizabeth has indeed experienced the same ups and downs that other creative people have, regardless of the creative avenue.  I found that although she speaks from her experience as an author, what she says is still very relatable to other forms of creativity.  I am an artist and I definitely found her words of wisdom, inspirational and motivational.  I would recommend her book to others without hesitation.

She speaks about courage, rejection, fear, disappointment and permission, drawing upon her experience to explain her deepest and very interesting thoughts on the subject of how to live a creative live beyond fear.  Even injecting a little humour along the way.

Although much of what is said is not new to me, I still found it inspiring and I found myself feeling motivated.  Sometimes it is not always enough to just simply know something, you also have to believe it.  Then there is the fact that, we, as human beings, can easily forget we believe in something. To read someone else saying things that resonate with us, can help us come back to our own truths and begin to believe again.

The one thing I know I definitely believe in, is that how we feel and live our lives is controlled by what we think about our selves the world and others.  Our experience of life may shape how we feel about our selves the world and others, but we have control over our thoughts.  It is possible to change our thoughts, should we choose to.  It is the difficulty believing that it is possible to change our thoughts, that can make it difficult for many to believe it is possible for them.

Big Magic, I feel, taps into that fear of change and shows how it is possible to change those fearful thoughts by recounting Elizabeths own story of change.  I have read many high praise reviews and a few not so good reviews.  For me personally I put this book in my high praise category and highly recommend this book for any creative person looking for a good read and some thought provoking ideas.  It is a book you can come back to time and time again for a reminder.

Thank you for reading my review, if you have any questions please leave me a comment.  If you have any books you think would be good to nurture my creativity and would like to recommend to me leave me a comment.