Pan pastel Portrait of Jane Davenport inspired by #29faces

Jane Davenport is a professional artist and best selling author, living in Australia with a huge following online.  According to her website ( about section her passion is teaching women how to defy self-imposed creative gravity, as well as a self confessed art supply junkie.  I myself have taken one of her classes as part of LifeBook2016 (run by another great artist Tamara Laport from willowing arts)

To find out more about my creative process for Janes’ portrait

I decided to create her portrait because I too am passionate about helping people push passed their limiting beliefs.  I do this by example at the moment through my YouTube channel and here on my blog.  My hope is, by providing visual and informative content this will give people the tools to try for themselves to begin and/or continue to create.  Throughout my life I have pushed passed my limiting beliefs and consistently work to be the best version of myself I can be.  My one regret in life is that I did not pursue the art career I wanted to when I was a teenager.  However, because it is never too late to be creative, I am working on my art now.  Although I create other types of art, I am passionate about creating faces, whether that be true to life portraits or illustrative mixed media faces.

I am currently working on my portrait work.  Here is the video process of my Jane Davenport portrait.  This video was created in February and was inspired by #29faces, this challenge is run twice a year by Ayala Art for further information visit 29 faces blog  This process video is only available as a short timelapse at the moment, however if you would like to see more in depth tutorial type videos, just leave me a comment either here or on one of my youtube videos letting me know what it is you would like to learn and I will create a video for your need.  For now though I hope you enjoy my short timelapse process video of me creating Jane Davenports’ portrait using pan pastels.  The pencils you see me use very briefly in the video are pitt pastel pencils by faber castell.


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If you would like to see the range of informative articles I have available just browse my blog.  I talk about all sorts of topics from how does art improve your life to how to overcome blank page syndrome. More are being created and will be added to my blog on a regular basis. Thank you for visiting my blog today.  Creative Sparkles to you bye for now.