29 faces February 2017 as hosted by Ayala Art – Day 1

Hi folks, February is going to be a busy month for me.  I am participating in the daily create a face challenge called 29 faces as hosted by Ayala Art on her 29 faces blog .  Through out this challenge I will also be challenging myself to post daily blog posts, this will prove a little bit more difficult than creating the faces, as I found out last September with 29 faces September 2016.  Although I did not completely succeed in posting daily I did increase my posting more regularly on my old blog: It’s a wonderful life and had a whole load of fun :).

loose self portrait using Pans Pastels

So today is a short blog post, to introduce you to the 29 faces challenge and showcase my very first face, of this February Challenge, done in pans pastels using only the sofft tools, with a limited palette of orange extra dark, burnt sienna extra dark, magenta shade, hansa yellow tint, paynes grey tint, Neutral Grey shade and violet extra dark.  I found it very difficult to get accurate lines with the sofft tools I have, so I found it a little frustrating at times.  I also think I managed to overwork this one just a little.  Oh well, it is my first attempt.  However, over all I had a load of fun. So much so that I have been filming my day two face, which is another pans pastels portrait of a well known YouTube artist.  The video should be available on YouTube tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this post has been of some interest to you.  Don’t forget to check out 29 faces 2017 and come back tomorrow to see my day 2 face 🙂

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  1. Very nice portrait. I know what you mean about the most difficult part of these challenges is posting every day. The drawing is the easy part 🙂

    1. oh yeah you got that right, I have fallen behind already lol ooops Oh well, it shows I am human, I guess lol

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