hi my name is Tania, otherwise known as Tartantaz.

I was born in Malta (my dad was in the Navy) and grew up in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland in the UK.  When growing up, my friends shortened my name to Tanz then eventually it was shortened even further to Taz.  I am Scottish so when I first became present on the internet I decided to merge the word tartan (a traditional Scottish pattern) and Taz, so Tartantaz was born.

I am a Mixed Media Artist, who loves to work with All Media.  Occasionally working with an individual medium for some projects.  I have a fascination for faces, so have created many portraits from mixed media whimsical style to more realistic work, such as can be seen in some of my watercolour and colour pencil work.  Learning is a life long experience, as such my skills continue to grow as I add new techniques and subject matter to my projects.   Colour is a prominent feature in my work, whether it be a colourful background or colourful hair.  Colour can make such a difference to our mood and for me the presence of colour increases my mood, adding to my reasons to smile.

I am passionate about leading a fulfilling and creative life.  I believe creativity is an important cog in the workings that is life.  Whether that be writing, arting, upcycling or any other type of creative work.  I love to share that passion with others in many ways.  Such as getting involved with artists all across the world by being an active member and one of the administrators of the Creative Arts Collaboration facebook group.  Getting involved in art collaborations on YouTube is another way, from leading my own art collaboration team, creating our own childrens bedtime story book, to being a clue in a murder mystery art crawl  organised and hosted by Cinnamon Cooney (The Art Sherpa)

I would now like to share my knowledge and passion with you. You Do Not have to consider yourself an “artist” to benefit from creativity in your life. Free helpful hints and tips anyone can implement, will be available on my blog.  As well as all sorts of other creative related content suitable for everyone.